IN JAPAN – Red Light District – Hinodecho walk through with Nozomi Onodera #154

In Japan Red Light District Special

Nozomi Onodera is a good married woman and the owner of the hugely successful Nido English Speaking School in Yokohama. Nozomi has appeared on this podcast show before and i often meet with her and her students as a drop-in-Gaijin (foreigner). We met 2 nights ago in Hinodecho Yokohama to have a drink with some students to celebrate Hanami; the falling of the Sakura Cherry Blossum flowers. As a huge bonus to me, Nozomi and Daiki Nakai walked me through Yokohama’s red light district to show me the Japanese way of buying sex and love which is very different to The Gold Coast and very entertaining.

Nozomi is in no way connected to this industry but she knew i wanted to see it so i’m thankful as always to Nozomi, Daiki Nakai, Shota Asai and Yu Masayama for taking me out once again and filling me with great Japanese beer…Kanpai Chinko Pee Pee :p

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